Do you REALLY want to change how you drink?
Get your health back, your wealth back, your relationships back, get your mind back... get back to YOU!
What happens when you take a break from booze?
In 2015, Professor Kevin Moore of the Royal Free Hospital, London, co-authored one of the largest ever studies into the effects of a four-week break from alcohol.  The participants were average drinkers and the results were staggering.

By the end of the four weeks, the participants of the studies had each lost on average, 40% of their liver fat and 3kg in weight. They had also reduced their cholesterol, lowered glucose levels as well as many other health improvements.

Moore was so impressed with the findings he suggested that if there were a pill that produced similar results, everyone would want it

* Actual results may vary depending on the individual. There is no guarantee that you will experience specific results mentioned above.  
This program is that pill!
Why don't you just STOP Drinking?
Society has conditioned you that you need alcohol to be successful, to be cool, to be sexy, to have fun, to relax, the list goes on and on. How will you fare going up against years of  social conditioning, second-hand peer pressure and self-doubt, all on your own?

The key difference between our challenges and just "stopping drinking" is that we teach you to have a mindset shift.  So that you see alcohol for what it is, that you don't need it for any of the above.

Of course, lots of people stop drinking on their own, like people find their six pack all by themselves.  For the rest of us, we go and get a plan, a strategy, from someone who has done it before. Which takes us LEAPS and BOUNDS ahead of where we would be if we just tried to go it alone. 

This journey is no different.
Imagine LOVING being Alcohol-Free
Imagine dropping the drink for a month,  but this time, you are LOVING every minute of it.  Imagine youself going out with friends (who are drinking) and still having a good time being AF.  Imagine you have a stressful day and alcohol is the last thing on your mind.  This is what happens when you have a mindset shift.
  • Improved Sleep – Proper, restful sleep that sees you spring out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you like Rocky on Speed. Imagine that!
  •  Reduced Anxiety – Alcohol is a proven depressant and only covers up the effects of anxiety… a crutch that’s gone in the morning. The result, as your body dedicates its resources to processing the toxins you’ve poured into it is – you guessed it – even more anxiety. Break the cycle and thrive with real confidence.
  •  Looking Better than Ever – Your skin is one of the most obvious places the effects of toxins show. In many cases your complexion improves, dry skin becomes much more manageable and people will have no choice but to compliment your new shimmer and shine.
  •  Boosted Productivity and Motivation – When you aren’t lying around with a hangover or feeling hazy from booze, you have the energy to get more done. Start that business, write that book. Smash those goals you’ve left on the back-burner.
  •  More Money in the Bank – Naturally, the money you’d otherwise be spending on booze ends up staying in your bank account. This could be enough to pay for a holiday for the entire family every year, or put the worries of a rainy day firmly to bed!   
All it takes is a simple mindset shift...
You DON'T need alcohol to have a good time
You DON'T need alcohol to be successful
You DON'T need alcohol to relax
You DON'T need to give it up forever - we can show you TOTAL CONTROL.
Daily Support
We use the latest technologies to deliver daily support, from Emails, Audio, Video, Messenger our support is aspirational and positive 
Myth Busting Madness
Learning how to overcome years of social conditioning, peer pressure, the negative habits and the associations isn't going to happen without some learning - we use scientific and psychological methods to bust those long-enduring myths about alcohol.
MEND Habit Change System
Our unique program, focusing on habit change,  has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world. Our members are a mixture of light, social or heavy drinkers and nearly all (96%)  have changed their relationship with alcohol.  
Join Our Tribe
Science shows us that if you want to really break a habit, you need to join a tribe, already living how you want to live, in order to inspire you... So, we've built just that!  Over 26,000 members in 120 countries. -Everyone is welcome at OYNB.  
Bad habits don't need telling off they need replacing
OYNB has b=created lots of tips, tricks and alcohol-free hacks that will take you on a journey of huge change.  From the best in positive psychology, behavioural change, NLP & habit change science, brought to you daily to keep you on the straight and narrow.
The Perfect Excuse...
Why is alcohol the only drug that when you stop using it, people berate and abuse you? Crazy eh? OYNB creates the PERFECT excuse for you to get past it.  "Sorry mate, not tonight, I'm doing a 28, 90 or 365-day alcohol-free challenge!"

  • Stealth Drinking E-Book How to survive any booze-filled session completely alcohol-free without anyone knowing.
  •  Sleep & Alcohol - Get ready to have the best sleep of your life, but not after a bit of a bump.
  •  Unique Messenger Technology Support
  •  The Nutritional Guide to going alcohol-free
  •  The 4 Behemoths of Behaviour Change E-Book
But alcohol helps me... Really? Lets talk about that.
Alcohol is a depressant, so its actually causing a large part of your anxiety and even depression. It does NOT 'help' you, and drinking when you've had 'tough' day is just madness.  

Sleep.  Alcohol helps you to sleep!  Nope... Trust us, it really doesn't.  Google it.  Alcohol disturbs your sleep, stops you from going into REM (that's the really deep rejuvenating sleep, mmm) so you feel tired again. No doubt reaching for the bottle for a second night. Viscious circle isn't it?

So wait.  I'm drinking alcohol to feel better but it's making me feel sad in the first place?  YES

...and I'm drinking alcohol to get to sleep at night, but it's causing me to sleep worse and feel even more tired the next day. YES!

 The only way to find out just how much alcohol is weighing you down is to take a break. What do you have to lose?
Hear the truth from Ian...
Why is OYNB so special?
Forget the tired and negative rhetoric, you won't hear any of this from OYNB... 

you've got a problem!
you've reached rock bottom!
you're an alcoholic! 

NO!  All wrong! We are none of the above. We advocate the positive benefits of everything we do, we celebrate successes with our members, we promote health, loving life and adventurous spirits. All of this starts with ditching ALCOHOL!
I joined OYNB to lose weight, I realised I was a binge drinking and did the math, the 4000 extra calories I consumed every weekend was not helping any attempt to lose weight. The Facebook (community) page was wonderful and supportive and I quickly got into it learning the tricks or the trade from OYNB and I quickly got healthier, but then the magic happened and EVERY aspect of my life got better, I became happier, in turn my wife became happier. I found discipline and clarity. It was and is.. life changing and wonderful!
90 days alcohol-free today, the one on the left last time I drank and the one on the right this morning!  So glad I gave up!!!  I've struggled with replacing alcohol with treats at the start so I joined a gym to replace with exercise!  So glad I joined OYNB!  This has changed my life!
It's about much more than just "not drinking" 
This is one of the best mental & physical health challenges you can take today, we incorporate fitness, diet, exercise, mindset, healthy habits all in an easy to digest format.  Our members will constantly support you in any area of your journey.  Be that from couch to 5k, a marathon, swimming, starting a business, creating your own podcast or just learning to live a healthier life... we have it covered.
Daily Accountability Posts
Thousands of people all over the world, who've gone through what you are going through and will support you and pick you up, no matter what the difficulties.  Our daily accountability posts bring the latest science and habit change and every day we smash those old negative habits and build healthy new ones! 
Guest Trainings & Webinars
The best experts in fitness, diet & exercise delivering regular training and webinars to improve your health.  Going alcohol-free is just the beginning of an adventure that will lead you to the best version of you.
The Latest OYNB E-Books 
From mindfulness to nutrition, overcoming addictions to getting the best sleep of your life, even tips to stay alcohol-free without anybody knowing (stealth drinking).  In the OYNB library you will have access to lots of E-books that will help you LOVE your alcohol-free adventure, be that 28, 90, 365 days or LIFE!
Hear from more of our members...
Almost no-one went into this challenge thinking they were giving up forever.  Most went in thinking 28, maybe 90.  But 87% of our members choose to carry on alcohol-free after 90 days.

That's incredible... and that's because they've had a life-changing mindset shift.
I Want To make 2018 the best year YET!!!
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