Super Dad | OYNB Podcast 002

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 2 – with Larry Hagner

Hangovers and kids just don’t mix.

In this episode, OYNB Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns talks to Larry Hagner, founder of The Good Dad Project, co-host of its popular eponymous podcast, and a best-selling author of The Dad's Edge: 9 Simple Ways to Unlimited Patience, Improved Relationships, and Positive, Lasting Memories.

Finding the Great Dad Within

Larry admits in this interview that his sensational movement, The Good Dad Project, was initially intended for himself. He was the “project” because he was not a good father. He was confused on what to do, and tried to figure out how to be a great dad.

Much of Larry’s confusion and fatherhood woes were rooted in his childhood days and how he grew up. He relates how devastating it was to have a toxic, abusive and addict (of alcohol or other substance) father in his life. Make that multiple stepfathers and a biological father. Clearly, he decided not to follow their lead and, in the process, started a community of dads helping each other to become better dads.

Alcohol and Parenting

Listen as Larry talks about his first drink (spoiler alert – he threw up), itunes-buttonand how, as a kid, he realized that his parents were completely different people when they were drunk and when they were sober. Accordingly, he thought that one of his stepdads was the coolest guy he ever met, until that same person got drunk, hit him and put him down. He recounts how his parents’ drinking came to a point wherestitcher_button he needed to ask them, “Can you please not drink tonight?”

In this packed episode, you’ll also hear Larry sharing details about his other eye-opening personal accounts and life lessons about the mind, health, family and the importance of life-work balance.

He has to this to say about the fear of not having fun without alcohol, and societal pressure to drink: “Don’t be afraid to let it go . . . You are going to be just fine and a hell of a lot better without it!”


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