When you rid yourself of alcohol, you receive a massive boost in energy and motivation. Why not use this vitality wisely and build the exercise routine you’ve always wanted. To be clear when we say ‘exercise’ we are not just talking about the obvious running, gym sessions or CrossFit. This could mean walking to work or using the stairs.

There are thousands of ways to exercise and the key to lasting lifestyle change is to find the ones that you enjoy.

At OneYearNoBeer we could easily produce a bog standard document providing our members with a one size fits all exercise routine. It would be a mixture of strength exercises, running and stretching…  We could suggest or even tell you that in order to get fit you MUST follow this routine. Guess what – almost none of you would. This is where so many personal trainers, gyms, books and coaches slip up. They assume that everyone is built alike when this is not the case.

Some of us love to run, while, for another’s it’s their worst nightmare. Gyms attract a certain type and repeal many. You get the picture, we have our own unique preferences. This is why so many people join a gym and perform all the ‘one size fits all’ sessions under the watchful eye of a personal trainer. Yet when left to their own devices, the routines are quickly dropped along with the gym sessions.

We are all unique and enjoy different things. The key to lasting healthy habit change is to build routines yourself. Select the physical activities that you enjoy. Perhaps it’s as simple as walking to work rather than getting the bus. Or taking the stairs instead of the lift. You might love to run but can’t stand lifting weights. Work out what works for you. Using exercises that you enjoy while experimenting with new ones until you discover more ways to achieve the same results.

Freeing yourself from alcohol provides an amazing platform to get your health back on track. If you want to rediscover the motivation, energy and knowledge to get back to your best. Start exercising with us today and signup for the OYNB challenge.

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