Pursuing Your Passion: Chase and Nikki Parnell | OYNB 080

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 080 – Pursuing Your Passion with Chase and Nikki Parnell 

What happens when you quit your job to spend more time running ultramarathons? Just ask Chase and Nikki Parnell. Together, they’ve made big lifestyle changes and turned their love of running into a family activity. 

Previously, Chase worked as a lawyer in Bend, Oregon. He was always interested in distance running and got into running ultramarathons about 8 years ago. He describes running as his passion. However, while Chase was still working as a lawyer, he was also a big drinker. Between that and the stress and hours of his job, his efforts to scrape by eventually came crashing down. He decided it was time to make a life change. Chase had heard Andy interviewed on a podcast and was inspired by the dialogue, and that encouraged him to get into the OYNB community. Chase quit drinking, and he also quit his job.

Chase’s wife, Nikki, is also a runner. Chase got her interested in ultramarathons, and she’s found ways to not only get involved in running and in the ultramarathon community but also ways to include their children as well. Nikki says that they enjoy it and that it’s good for them to see their parents show up and say yes to something that’s difficult.

Chase says that abstaining from alcohol has improved his training. Although Chase is relatively new to One Year No Beer, he says that just waking up without a mild hangover in the mornings is a big improvement. 

In today’s interview, Chase and Nikki talk about their Treeline Journal, where they write about running, marathoning, and their family. They discuss managing their relationship now that they work together and run together, what their goals are, and how they fit into the ultramarathoning community. Listen in to hear more about what Chase and Nikki are doing and how giving up alcohol has made a difference in their lives. 


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Nikki and Chase’s Links:

Treeline Journal: https://treelinejournal.com/about-us-chase-parnell-nikki-parnell/

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