Power of Possibility | OYNB Podcast 068

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 068 – Power of Possibility with Pete Cohen 

Today’s guest is a motivational speaker, business coach, and bestselling author. Pete Cohen joins the One Year No Beer podcast to talk about addiction, delayed gratification, and meditation, among other things. 

Pete describes his own background when it comes to drinking. He says that he began drinking at around age 14 and that the pub he went to never asked for ID until shortly before he turned 18. Pete also says that drugs were accessible and available where he lived, but some early bad experiences prevented him from getting seriously involved. Pete says that his college was a sports college with a heavy drinking culture. Now, however, Pete says that he values feeling healthy and being able to get up early in the morning more than he wants to drink. Pete worked as a personal trainer and got a degree in sport science. He says that his goal is to help give people a different perspective.

“For me, I just love getting to that place where I feel like there’s possibility.”

On the subject of willpower, Pete says that the human ability to delay gratification is where the real power lies. He talks about how making choices and getting better at something can cause momentum and energize people, which is what he feels that One Year No Beer is accomplishing. He believes that if people can quit drinking, they will feel empowered to accomplish other things as well. 

Pete also talks about the power of meditation and the power of feeling possibility. He discusses the importance of having a coach and of people helping each other as they work to reinvent themselves. He explains the importance of not only finding your own why but also buying into your own why and then using that emotional connection to achieve your goals and have an impact on the people around you. Listen to the episode to hear the full interview with Pete Cohen.


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