A Happy New Year | OYNB Podcast 017

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 017 – Forging Ahead Into 2017 with Andy and Ruari

In today’s episode, Andy and Ruari are giving an exclusive sneak peek to the amazing launch of OYNB+ coming in February! Head over to our Facebook to sign up now with our limited time offer!

Going alcohol free is a gateway to better living.

January is the time of year when everyone is focused on making big changes in their life. We know that 2016 was an incredibly tough year all over the globe, but we also know there were tons of positives to come out of this year. What are the positives for you this year? And how are you going to work toward making 2017 the best year ever? One Year No Beer is going to be here in 2017 to help people focus on breaking their habits, make positive changes, and see a surge in their productivity over this next year.

We can’t reveal too much because the launch of OYNB+ is right on top of us, but we did want to spend a little time this episode giving you a few sneak peeks of what we’re working on. We know a lot of our listeners love the testimonials, and we’re bringing that back with a vengeance. The connections we’ve made through OYNB this year alone really opened our eyes to how big One Year No Beer actually is. Everything we’ve done with social media opens doors and connections with people like us all over the globe.

OYNB+ is so much more than helping people quit drinking. We are taking it to the next level. People want a healthy challenge that forces them to look at all aspects of their life. OYNB+ is about building confidence, increasing productivity, and connecting like-minded people so we can create the support systems and beneficial relationships we all need to succeed. OYNB+ dives deep into your lifestyle choices, including diet and exercise, and we’re bringing on new guest speakers and amazing meet-up opportunities for all of our members.

Just hold on tight! A lot is going to happen over the next 10 days. Ruari spent this entire holiday writing the new book, and Andy worked on setting up everything for our February launch and we couldn’t be more excited! We wanted OYNB to be there right at the beginning of the year to greet everyone as they work to make some amazing changes to their habits and their lifestyle. So just you wait! A lot of great things are coming your way!



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