Meeting the Challenge | OYNB Podcast 066

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 066 – Meeting the Challenge with Louise Vickers   

If you’re new to One Year No Beer, or if you’re just considering taking a challenge and starting to change your relationship with alcohol, you may be wondering not just about the short-term challenge, but what going alcohol-free might look like in the long term. In today’s episode, you’ll hear from a long-time member of One Year No Beer about her journey from her first challenge in 2017 to now. 

Louise Vickers discovered One Year No Beer in January of 2017. She had done Dry January a few times before and was planning on doing it again, so she decided to go to a party and drink on December 31st. The night ended with Louise breaking several of her toes. She describes herself sitting on her couch the next day, resting her sore foot and scrolling through Facebook, when she came across an ad for One Year No Beer and decided to give it a try.

“I think me finding me took longer than 90 days. It maybe even took longer than the 365.” 

Louise started out with a 90-day challenge and then decided to try the 365-day challenge next. She says that before she found OYNB, she was a partier, but that her hangovers were starting to last two days instead of one, and that she was experiencing a lot of anxiety during a hangover as well. Louise describes herself as a goal-driven and deadline driven person, so she decided to set a goal of one event a month along with her alcohol-free challenge. And despite the broken toes that kept her from completing a physical event in January of 2017, she still managed to complete 12 events that year. 

Louise says that the first 90 days were tough but going to events and completing challenges gave her a way to channel her energy and adrenaline. Louise also says that without alcohol, she was able to discover more things about herself and feel her feelings more fully. 

Louise explains that at some point, she began substituting sugar for alcohol, and she’s now working on weight loss and healthier living. She says that she’s using the same tools that she learned when originally cutting out alcohol now to meet her new goals. She says that she still loves the OYNB group and that she’s now approaching 900 days without alcohol. Listen to the episode to hear more of Louise’s story in her own words.


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