Life Is An Adventure | OYNB Podcast 004

OneYearNoBeer Podcast Episode 4 – with Ollie Phillips

Imagine that you have committed most of your life to playing rugby. You have started young – at the tender age of four – and have later on developed a successful and distinguished rugby career spanning more than a decade, leading your country to international tournament victories and being voted ‘Best Seven’s Player of the World.’ You’re still in your prime, but you suddenly suffer a severe calf injury, effectively ending your illustrious rugby career. What would you do?

Well, this actually happened to an exceptional man, and in response, he did what felt natural – he sailed around the world, led an expedition on a 100 mile trek to the North Pole setting a Guinness World Record, climbed mountains, did other stunning challenges and helped raise more than £1 million for charity.

In this episode, OneYearNoBeer Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns talksitunes-button to the extraordinary Ollie Phillips. Phillips was a foremost rugby union footballer who played for the Newcastle Falcons, Stade Francais and England Sevens. He was voted 2009 World Rugby Sevens Player of the Year, but because of an injury (alluded to earlier), he was forced into early retirement in 2013. He is a Guinness World Record Holder,stitcher_button a motivational speaker, an expedition leader, an adventurer, an executive coach and is currently a highly successful businessman
working in PwC as Digital Transformation Director.


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