Drinking habits are often a sign of life balance issues….

We drink to ease life balance, stress and unhappiness, we drink to escape, and we drink to create a buzz and happiness. Those of you with months and years into the AF (alcohol-free) journey constantly testify of the natural highs and joys that flow in your life, and how life is much more balanced now.

Discover Your Life Balance

But for those of you just starting out, or thinking about it, try this quick but powerful exercise to discover what areas of your life are out of balance – giving you a head start in re-designing your AF lifestyle.  Also, check out our AF challenge – full of support and coaching for succeeding in life and living alcohol-free – https://www.oneyearnobeer.com/takethechallenge.

The Wheel of Life

This will give you a ‘birds eye view’ of your life. At a glance, you will see what areas of life are OK or great, and what areas are looking neglected so you can improve your life balance.


OYNB life balance wheel of life


How to:

Consider each segment and how your own life balance measures up on the scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high).

Ask yourself questions about how your life is shaping up.

Here are some examples to get you started:

Friends and Family

Do I have/want a close circle of friends?

Do I spend enough time with family and friends?

Am I lonely?

Personal Growth

Are the things I do growing me as a person?

Do I understand myself and my thoughts/feelings?


Is my job rewarding?

Does it reflect my values?

Do I have the opportunity for advancement?

What do I really want to do?


Do I eat healthily?

Do I exercise regularly?

Is drinking alcohol effecting my mental or physical health?

Fun and Recreation

Do I have fun often?

Do I know how to relax?

Do I enjoy sports or have hobbies?

Physical Environment

Do I like the area in which I live?

Do I keep my home tidy and comfortable?

Is my home life safe (domestic violence)?

A finished wheel looks something like the one below, and you can see where to take action. Lows score areas need attention(unless you purposefully leave them sparse to give you extra time/energy elsewhere). The long-term results will be a life balance ‘designed’ mindfully – rich in meaning and contentment. Much better than a life that feels full and bursting at the seams – but is over-filled with things NOT bringing you happiness and fulfilment. So go for it. Start changing your life balance today with this powerful tool.

For further help link to the amazing Tony Robbins Wheel of Life app. Tony Robbins Wheel of Life

OYNB life balance wheel of life.


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