Have you been looking for a new workout routine that focuses on your whole body and you can do wherever you fancy? For this, kettlebells are worth their weight in gold! While you can probably find kettlebells at your local gym, you can also exercise with these efficient training tools in the privacy of your own home. Regardless of your fitness level, kettlebell workouts are friendly for all! 

Getting to grips 

As you can see from the illustration, a kettlebell is a weighted ball with a handle that can be used for a whole range of different exercises to workout the entire body. The weight of kettlebells can differ. This means you can find one that suits you depending on your goals, and work your way up. Should you choose to invest in your own kettlebells however, be sure to consider what weight will be the best for you long-term as they can be expensive to replace! 

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And into the swing 

While kettlebells are easy to use, you want to be sure you are using them properly to ensure you avoid any injuries or muscle strains. This is why consulting with a trainer or doing an online tutorial is important. Cavemantraining has a variety of videos on its website that details how to properly use kettlebells, including a kettlebell video for beginners that demonstrates some key movements.

Benefits of kettlebells

Kettlebell exercises combine strength and cardio that target every muscle group and help you to improve your flexibility and endurance. These workouts involve multiple reps of each exercise, contracting muscles then relaxing them, which is calorie intensive – meaning it can be great for weight loss! It’s hard to miss the unusual shape of a kettlebell, but it’s this shape that makes it so versatile and useful for so many exercises, while being much more gentle on shoulders and wrists.

Here’s an easy workout using kettlebells

This basic kettlebell workout includes three of the best exercises for beginners:

  • Goblet squat
  • Single arm swing (both sides)
  • Front press (both sides)

Perform five reps of each exercise and complete five rounds, resting when required. If you want to see these exercises in action, click here.

The goblet squat

Let’s have a look at what a goblet is. A goblet — also known as chalice — is a drinking vessel with a foot and a stem generally used during religious ceremonies. Note that in the past, the size of the bowl was big, thus two hands were required to drink from it, and holding the goblet by the stem was not an option. With that image in mind, replace the goblet with a kettlebell where the bell is the bowl, and the handle plus horns are the stem and foot, and squat deep! 

Single arm swing

For this exercise, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and hold the kettlebell by the handle in one hand. Use this arm to control the kettlebell as you swing it through your legs. Be sure to keep some flexion in your knees but no dorsiflexion in the ankles as you swing down and then squeeze your glutes and lift your chest as you swing the kettlebell back up. Repeat with your other arm.

Front press

Hold the kettlebell by the handle in one hand and lift to shoulder height with a bent elbow. Ensure the bell is on the outside as shown in the picture to the left. Slowly lift above your head, and bring back to shoulder height with control and repeat. There are hundreds of other kettlebell exercises to try out and explore, so why not get started!



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