We know that alcohol steals our time on this planet. The hangovers, lethargy and anxiety shrink our worlds.  Every one of us has talents and strengths that are often buried in a sea of alcohol. When we use our strengths or follow our passions very often we experience flow. Athletes describe flow as ‘being in the zone’. Time seems to stop and we are totally engrossed. We tend to use all of our strengths and talents to participate. Our mind and body become one with this activity.


You can experience flow anywhere from gardening, to playing with the children, to sport, painting, cards.. The list is endless.


A key point here is that ‘flow’ is good for you. Rather than adding to your stress it takes it away. Rather than being another thing to do it makes you happier. Science is telling us that those things we love and enjoy doing are good for us. Research has shown that those who experience flow often in their lives are happier, have higher well being, are less stressed and more resilient. What a great reason to partake in those things you enjoy.


Let’s face facts alcohol is a flow stopper. It robs you of the time and zest required to follow your passions. We all know this is true.


Take a minute to consider the questions below:


  • What was your talent growing up?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What activities make you happiest?
  • When do you feel in the zone?


Now ask yourself


  • Do you feel like you don’t have the time to participate in these flow activities?
  • Has the stress of life pushed these passions to one side?
  • Do you lack the energy and vitality to pursue these former loves?


When you give up alcohol you get back precious time. If you use this time wisely, reignite old passions or start new ones you can build a life that thrives. You replace old bad habits with new healthy empowering ones. This creates an upward spiral of flourishing and pretty soon the thoughts of going back to hangovers and regret is so unappealing that stopping drinking becomes easy. You will no longer drink alcohol because it is a threat to your passions, strengths and talents.

If you have lost touch with your passions and flow, sign up now – stop drinking alcohol for 90 days and reignite them – simple.

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