Honesty, Authenticity and You: Graham Roberts | OYNB 081

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 081 – Honesty, Authenticity and You: Graham Roberts 

Graham Roberts is a coach who believes that everyone is capable of anything. He believes that to change behaviour, one just has to figure out what makes people tick, why they make the decisions that they make, and how to ignite their motivation so that they’re able to achieve their aspirations.

In today’s conversation between Graham and One Year No Beer’s Jen Fairbairns, Graham talks about starting his own business and the difficult decisions that he has had to make. Graham says that beginning his own business took a lot of soul searching. At the time he was only a little over a year into being a father, and going out on his own was a leap of faith.

“The real strength of humankind is the ability to be authentic with the conversation that’s going on inside.”

Graham works with organizations to transform the way that they work, and with world-class athletes to help them understand what they’re capable of achieving and how to go about it. According to Graham, authenticity is the key ingredient to success, and more importantly, to happiness. He sees it as a privilege when the people he works with make the space for him to be there with them and listen to them. 

Graham believes that it’s important to put yourself in a position to explore and challenge your perspectives on the world. Graham himself does this by participating in adventure racing. He describes a recent event that he took part in – Rat Race’s Race to the Wreck in Namibia. He talks about the difficulty of biking through sand, the panic attack that he had on the fourth day of the race, and what he learned from the experience.

Graham also talks about the advice that he would give to people who are working to give up alcohol. He talks about the importance of being fair with yourself, breaking a large goal into smaller, more manageable chunks, and why it’s important for people to understand that they do have choices. Listen in to the episode to hear more of what Graham has to say about changing behaviour and living honestly and authentically. 


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