Finding Your Authentic Self | OYNB Podcast 019

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 019 – Finding Your Authentic Self with Scott Harrison

We are always talking about how quitting drinking can transform yourself. One of the key components of the One Year No Beer challenge is to help you uncover your authentic self. You know, that person you truly are underneath all that booze and partying. Dennis Pickering, one of our most valued members of OYNB, is one of these authentic selves. And he’s written a song about it! Stay tuned for the end of the episode to hear the jam called “My AF journey”!

We love seeing how quitting drinking inspires people. We invited Scott Harrison on the podcast today because he’s one of those authentic people that didn’t uncover his true potential until he stopped drinking. And he’s gone on to inspire millions. Today, Scott is a World Economic Forum global leader and the founder and CEO of Charity Water, a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world. But before that? Well, he was getting paid to drink in New York City.

“I was paid thousands and thousands of dollars to drink!”

Scott became a night club promoter in New York City. That meant he was paid to bring people into his clubs on the promise that they would get wasted. And the more people he got wasted, the more money he made. He spent a decade of his life doing this, the party lifestyle. We all know how grand it looks from the outside. All the booze and all the money, but deep down Scott was missing that moral fiber that made his life meaningful. “There would never be enough,” he says. And that’s when he knew he had to do something more with this life.

He earned a degree in Communications at NYU amid all this partying, and he built up those skills promoting clubs in New York City. Now, it was time to use his talent for storytelling and promotion to help others around the world. So he hopped on a boat with Mercy Ships, a fleet of hospital ships that offer free healthcare to war-torn and third-world countries, and what he saw changed his life.

“We weren’t created to party. We weren’t created to serve ourselves.”

We all can relate to the feeling of bondage we get when we party. We’re a slave to the booze and the hangover. But Scott wanted to break those chains and work toward a freedom that comes from doing something bigger than yourself. What he learned with his year serving on Mercy Ships was that billions of people around the world do not have access to clean water. While he was living extravagantly, there were families without clean, running water. This realization inspired him to take action into his own hands.

“What I learned is that so many people didn’t trust charitable institutions,” he says of trying to start his charity. This was a hurdle to overcome. How can you change people’s perspective and guarantee to them that their donations are going where they want? Use technology! With Charity Water, Scott connects his villages and homes with Google Maps and Google Earth so that anyone and everyone who gives to Charity Water can see – in real time – where their money is going and who it is helping. He’s also using VR now to create movies that give people true-to-life experiences with their donations. There’s something about giving that brings people together, and it’s more satisfying than any glass of wine or beer could ever be.

OYNB challenges you to donate to Charity Water! Convert your beer and wine to water by donating what you would spend on your daily or nightly glass of beer to Charity Water, and then check out their videos on Facebook to see where your money went.


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