Finding a Positive Outlet | OYNB Podcast 072

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 072 – Finding a Positive Outlet with Freddie Bennett-Willetts

How do you know when a fun social habit has turned into a problem? On today’s episode of One Year No Beer, we’re going to hear about the journey of Freddie Bennett-Willetts from a social drinker, to a heavy drinker, to a world record holder. Freddie talks about his journey, his past with alcohol, the excuses we make, the “perfect time” to start, and about the benefits of going alcohol-free.

You might know Freddie as the “guy in the fisherman’s costume,” but around the office, he was known as the heavy drinker and the party-boy who was destroying himself. After changing his perception of his life, he let his journey change his life for the better.  

“To get the things you’ve always wanted, you have to do the things you’ve never done before.”

Freddie delves into his history with social drinking as a teen in the 90’s. His social drinking quickly spiraled into a habit. While he was a well-behaved teen, he didn’t realize that his life was filled with drinking and heavy drinkers. As an adultand after his father’s deathhe knew he didn’t want his life to be a waste.

But Freddie’s life hasn’t always been about alcohol. In the office, he always works hard. He is a dreamer, schemer, lover, father, and an adrenaline junkie. His kids helped push him even further and were a surprising source of inspiration as they were the reason he first thought about becoming the Guiness World Record holder for being “the fastest fisherman.” He talks about how his life could have turned out differently but instead of regrets, he’s turned to anticipation and productivity.

Because of One Year No Beer, Freddie explains that he was able to change his life around. Not just with sobriety but by transforming from the asthmatic boy in school to the fastest fisherman in the world. He has also completed an Ironman triathlon, launched a new business, started meditating, journaling every day, and started writing a book. He has focused his addictive personality into a more positive outlet.


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