Celebrate an Alcohol-Free Year with a Spartan Race | OYNB Podcast 067

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 067 – Celebrate an Alcohol-Free Year with a Spartan Race with Zoe Grant and Sharon Hartley

Getting through a 365-day challenge is no small feat. It’s an achievement that deserves to be celebrated. And what’s the best way to celebrate an alcohol-free year? Why not with a Spartan race? 

In today’s episode, Ruari talks to Zoe Grant and Sharon Hartley not only about their experiences going alcohol-free but also about their experiences running a Spartan Race. The interview was recorded in a tent at a Spartan event, shortly after Zoe finished her first race. And though she signed up for the race much earlier, the event itself came just after finishing her one year challenge.

“I knew it was like the ultimate, ultimate celebration, actually. And I knew I’d cry.”

Zoe talks about herself and her experiences before joining One Year No Beer. She says that she was a low-level constant drinker, drinking just one glass a night, every night. She realized later that the alcohol was keeping her anxiety high, but without it, she was happier and less anxious. She explains that things have changed a lot over the last year and that she spent a lot of that time discovering herself. 

Zoe and Sharon discuss the connections that they’ve made in the group and what it feels like to meet up in person with people who have been supporting you in your alcohol-free challenge in the group. They talk about the importance of making connections with people who are experiencing or have experienced the same things. 

They also talk about what the first month or so without alcohol is like, and how it can be exciting to watch the days add up into weeks and months. They explain what it’s like to go out to restaurants or bars without drinking and how, over time, it gets easier to bat away negative comments about not drinking. Listen to the episode to hear the whole conversation and what it’s like to celebrate an alcohol-free year with a Spartan race.


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