Achieving Our Level Of Greatness: Adele Tevlin | OYNB 079

One Year No Beer Podcast Episode 079 – Achieving Our Level Of Greatness with Adele Tevlin 

Which is better for health and weight loss, paleo or veganism? Is one diet really better than all the others? Or is weight loss more about mindset and what works for you as an individual, rather than about finding the one correct diet plan? And what is it that causes disordered eating or just a seeming inability to lose the weight that you want to lose in order to look and feel your best? Today’s interview will address some of those questions.

Today’s guest is Adele Tevlin, who has devised a revolutionary weight loss program and created a coaching business to help business executives manage their weight for life. Her goal is to help bridge the gap between what people know and what they actually do. 

“There’s always something in the background that’s holding us back from achieving our level of greatness.”

Adele knew from an early age that she wanted a career that would allow her to help people. At one point, she was gearing up to follow in her mother’s footsteps and attend dental school, but she realized that wasn’t quite the way that she wanted to help people. So, Adele studied neuroscience in college. Additionally, she had a background as a ballet dancer, which meant that she spent time around women who had eating disorders. She was curious about why some people struggle with mental health issues while others are resilient to them, and she brought this curiosity into her life’s work.

In today’s episode, Adele talks about actionable ideas that can help people eat better and lose weight, like planning ahead so that they don’t end up overeating or grabbing unhealthy food just because it’s fast and easy. She discusses the importance of identifying your own blind spots and finding healthy food options wherever you happen to be, as well as the importance of choosing a diet plan that works for your individual body and circumstances. 

Adele also discusses why it can be so difficult to make needed changes, even when someone has a lot of pain that could be addressed by making those changes. She posits that for some people, the pain points still might just not be high enough, and explains how narratives or imprints that people have about themselves may affect how much effort they’re willing to put into losing weight and how successful they are, as well as how people can address those negative imprints. 

Adele talks about how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is action-oriented and focused on the present and the future, and why she finds CBT to be a useful tool in helping people address weight loss and other issues. She also discusses the idea that successes come with a cost, the lasting effects of trauma in childhood, and the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. Listen in to hear more details about Adele’s philosophy and work.


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